Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can't believe it's been 2 years

Cooper & Collin
I love this picture....Cooper had been home less than a month in this photo. Collin had wanted a little brother for soooo long, this picture melts my heart!!!
Happy 2 years home Cooper Charles Habtamu life would not be near as fun without you in are our Litte Blessing

 First time to the beach......he was very unsure.....he wouldn't be he had only been home 2 weeks. We were so excited to take him. There was now way we were going on vacation without him :)
 Last year at the beach.....he seemed to enjoy this trip a little better than his 1st
 Cooper's Buzz LighTyear Scooter he got for his 5th can't believe he's 5
Sorry these are in reverse's been a while since I've blogged, ha!!! This is a picture of Cooper's very first day of being home. We litterally had only been home a couple of hours & Grayson his little sis insisted on him riding in the wagon with her. He was a real trooper.


  1. What a precious boy! Wonderful memories of first meeting him and seeing him meet his family! Love you!

  2. Thank sweet thankful you made that trip with me, feel totally blessed to call you friend. Love you girlies :)!!!