Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can't believe it's been 2 years

Cooper & Collin
I love this picture....Cooper had been home less than a month in this photo. Collin had wanted a little brother for soooo long, this picture melts my heart!!!
Happy 2 years home Cooper Charles Habtamu life would not be near as fun without you in are our Litte Blessing

 First time to the beach......he was very unsure.....he wouldn't be he had only been home 2 weeks. We were so excited to take him. There was now way we were going on vacation without him :)
 Last year at the beach.....he seemed to enjoy this trip a little better than his 1st
 Cooper's Buzz LighTyear Scooter he got for his 5th can't believe he's 5
Sorry these are in reverse's been a while since I've blogged, ha!!! This is a picture of Cooper's very first day of being home. We litterally had only been home a couple of hours & Grayson his little sis insisted on him riding in the wagon with her. He was a real trooper.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy 2 year referral-versary

Happy 2 year referral-versary sweet boy.....we can't imagine life without you in it. You are such a blessing!! We love you!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby, Sweet Mommy!

We love you so very much.  You look better and better each year.  We hope this is your best birthday yet and we hope you have many more.

Each birthday is a gift and we are so thankful to be celebrating another one with you. 


Love always, Tim, Collin, Shelby, Grayson, and Cooper.

Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  But today is a gift.  That is why they call it the present.

Master Oogway - Kung Fu Panda.

Monday, November 7, 2011

We can't believe our boy is 14!!!

14, wow!!!!! Seems like yesterday that Timmy & I were rocking him to sleep or laying down with him as a toddler so that he would go to sleep or chasing him around the house, ugh!!!!
The past couple of years it has been taking him to track practice, picking him up at art class, taking him to golf matches & being his biggest fans. Here are some of our favorite pictures taken from this past year, enjoy!!

We love you Collin, more than words & hope this is your best birthday so far!!
Me & my sweet boy!! (One of Timmy's favorite pictures) We love you & thank God for you every day & that he made you just the way you are!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to school pictures of the 4 kiddos & back to school swim party

Our two middle schoolers
 Collin is a 7th grader & Shelby is in 6th
 Cooper & Grayson's 1st day of preschool
 The smiles say it all, they love school
Here is a few pictures from our end of the summer swim party, this year I believe makes our 3rd one. Collin & Shelby are blessed with some amazing friends.

Shelby Leigh, Amber, Rachel & Caroline
 Amber & Darci
 Brennan & Keegan
 Collin & Caroline
 Sam & Collin
And of course Cooper & Grayson was right there hanging with the big kids

I know that's a lot to take in but we  have been so busy, two middle schoolers & two preschoolers keep us hopping. Both the big kids love school. Shelby has intro to band and Collin is in his 2nd year of band & they love it. Shelby & Collin both played on the golf team this year for the 1st time & did great, they really enjoyed it & Timmy, the little's and I enjoyed watching them. The big kids have also been going to friends of ours church for youth group on Sunday's, we love our church but none of the kids in our youth group go to the kids school. The little's have started children's choir at our church & love it. Fall is in the air, we all love this time of year, it's one of our favorite seasons. Hopefully it won't be so long til i post some pics again.

Blessings from our family to yours!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation 2011

That's a lot of grandchildren!!!

What a blessing to be on vacation with my family, especially the lady in the middle in the red shirt, that's my grandmother (our bka Old Mamaw from Tennessee, that's what our kids call her)

 Love this picture of Timmy & Collin
 Love this picture of Grayson Faye
 Our sweet Shelby Leigh
 A picture of me & my sweet baby

 Shelby got picked to be in the alligator show at Fudpuckers

 What a  handsome boy

 I asked the kids to do something silly & this is what they come up with
 This is my Bubby, he and Timmy have been friends as long as I can remember, aren't they so handsome

 Love this picture, my Bubby, my parents & my baby sis
Okay, I know that is a lot of pictures to take in, it was hard to choose which one's to post. Timmy & I took over 200 pictures on vacation. We had the best time, yes all 19 of us, 10 kids & 9 adults, we kept joking all week that we were out numbered, ha! It will be a vacation that we will treasure for many years, the kids all had a great time  together, we all did!! We even went out to eat all 19 of us a few times, especially the day it was  Cooper's 1 year gotcha day anniversary. We are actually going to try & do it again next year, yes we are that crazy, ha!! Seriously I thanked God every day that we got to have this week together, what a blessing!!!!!